Complete Vocal Coach Online Classroom

Work with MMus, Authorised CVT Teacher Katja Maria Slotte develop your own unique sound, gain and maintain vocal freedom, grow as a singer, artist or teacher.

High quality personal vocal training available to you no matter where you are located:

  • Learn to sing across different styles.
  • Develop and strengthen a versatile and healthy voice that's free from strain.
  • Explore topics such as range, dynamics, vocal modes, balanced vocal registers, sound colour, vocal effects, breath management and support.
  • Learn more about Complete Vocal Technique and other science-based methods to train your voice.
  • Build up efficient practice routines and stay inspired in your singing practice.
  • Receive personal guidance and support.

The Online Classroom is currently closed for enrolments.

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Hi! I'm Katja Maria Slotte. Combining my background as a certified music teacher (BMus, MMus), Authorised Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) Teacher and a keen interest in vocal pedagogy, I enjoy making a synthesis of the many science-based methods that there are to train your voice. The result is a holistic approach, combining body, voice, mind and spirit to achieve optimal vocal freedom and creativity.

In addition to this, I draw from a strong background in music education, and a my own experiences as a performer for over two decades. Learning about singing technique is fun, but it only makes sense if combined with performance and musicianship tools. In the end, we want to sing songs and not just get great at producing different sounds!

My Online Classroom is the place where I teach everything I know about a well-balanced and healthy use of the voice, and how to use all this knowledge in a way that serves its highest purpose: making music and communicating through songs. I enjoy working with motivated singers and performers, fellow voice geeks, (aspiring) singing teachers, music teachers and choir directors, who love exploring the voice from many angles, and developing their own skills and artistry.

My Online Classroom is an environment for ongoing learning, where you can study with me no matter where in the world you might be located. And the best thing? It's a one-stop-shop!

As an Online Classroom member, you have access to a variety of weekly and monthly classes, and can decide which ones you follow according to your current goals, time, and learning needs. Each month we focus on specific aspects of vocal technique and more. Next to live classes, I have a library of helpful worksheets, video and audio materials to support your learning. Private lessons are also available in this model.

The commitment period is 6 or 12 months, because deep learning and real changes don't happen overnight! By staying in touch on a weekly base, I can help you stay on track with your learning and artistic goals.

There are different tiers of enrollment available at affordable rates for aspiring artists to seasoned performers. I work with singers of all styles of music: jazz, pop, singer-songwriter, rock, r&b, soul, gospel, folk, musical theater, classical, and world music styles like flamenco, Latin, Indian, etc.

Scroll on to find out more!


You have come to the right place if you...

...feel overwhelmed when it comes to navigating your way through the abundance of information about the singing voice and exercises to choose from. You don't know where to start!

...have been studying vocal techniques on your own like crazy, but find it difficult to apply the techniques and concepts you've learned into your own singing. the Complete Vocal Technique book, took a CVT introduction workshop or some lessons, are super excited about what you've learned, but don’t really know what to do next.

...find it difficult to fit practice time into your weekly schedule.

...feel frustrated when things don't work well and don't know how to troubleshoot yourself.

...would like to develop a more refined technique to bring out subtleties in music, and be able to express a wide range of emotions in your voice.

...are struggling to find your voice and would love to have someone guide you in the process.


Why struggle on your own, when you could be learning together with other like-minded singers in a positive and supportive environment?

Since 2014, singers from all over the world are meeting in my Online Classroom. From Germany to Canada, USA to UK, Ecuador to Turkey, The Netherlands to Lithuania…

I created my Online Classroom because I know the POWER OF LEARNING TOGETHER.

Research also supports this. Not only is learning in a group FUN, you also LEARN A LOT FASTER by watching others, and by sharing experiences with your peers.



  • (Semi)professional singers who want to maintain healthy technique.
  • Aspiring singers who want to be guided by an experienced teacher.
  • Singers who want to overcome hoarseness, strain or fatigue.
  • Voice nerds who want to learn more about new science-based techniques and methodologies.
  • Singer-songwriters who want to explore more vocal possibilities without compromising their unique sound.
  • Classically trained singers who want to learn to sing contemporary commercial music styles.
  • Rock singers who wants to learn healthy techniques for powerful singing.
  • Musical theater singers who want to gain vocal versatility.
  • Jazz singers who (secretly) want to sing rock.
  • Choir directors who wants to learn how to demonstrate a variety of sounds and techniques to their singers, find efficient tools for faster results.
  • All singers who want to learn more about Complete Vocal Technique and other science-based techniques.


  • Sing with freedom and without tension.
  • Lose fear and feel connected and confident about your voice.
  • Sing with ease across different styles of music.
  • Find new inspiration and efficient tools for your teaching work.
  • Learn how to use your voice in a healthy way without compromising your unique sound.
  • Smoothe out the 'gap' between your 'chest' and 'head' voice.
  • Learn to 'belt' and find more power in your voice.
  • Develop your range and sing with more ease and flexibility.
  • Learn how to apply techniques from science-based methods in your own singing.


  • Find an efficient way of working with your voice, in a supportive, encouraging and positive atmosphere.
  • Work with an experienced voice teacher to gain or maintain a solid vocal technique.
  • Get a clear structure on how to practice, become enthusiastic about practicing again.




Warm-Up Shop: Explore efficient warm-up strategies for body, mind, breath and voice.

Foundation Work: Develop a good understanding of postural alignment, breathing, support, and other important principles that set the foundation for healthy singing across all styles. Learn more about the anatomy and physiology of the voice.

Voice Work: Each month we'll dive into specific topics, and each week features a new technique focus. Explore topics such as range, dynamics, vocal modes, breath management and support. Learn to "flavor" your sound by modifying sound colour or accessing vocal effects. Learn to sing across different styles and develop your own unique sound.

Interpretation & Musicianship Tools: Bring your songs alive by exploring interpretation tools, playing with improvisation, rhythmical and melodic variations.

Mindset Tools: Learn to clear mental clutter, 'get in the zone', and create (mental) space for optimal learning and performance.

Learning & Practice Strategies: Understand how you learn the best, and develop strategies to facilitate deep learning and mindful practice.



Weekly Classes: Stay on track with your learning with weekly LIVE or pre-recorded 60 minute classes on vocal techniques, alignment, breathing, support, sound colour, vocal effects, anatomy, mindset, goal setting, interpretation, musicianship, and more. YOU choose what classes you want to attend. Should you have to miss class, you can always catch up by watching the replay.

Monthly Masterclasses & Special Interest Workshops: Dive in deeper each month in masterclasses and special interest workshops.

Online Learning Library: Get access to my (ever-growing) online learning library with video, audio, worksheets and written materials to support your learning.

Mentoring & Personal Guidance: Stuck? Need help in choosing what to focus on? I can be your "personal librarian" and choose materials for you from my learning library, point you towards the right resources, or help you work through the chapters and exercises in the Complete Vocal Technique book/app in a structured way. No more overwhelm or not knowing where to start!

Private Facebook group for support & inspiration: Never feel stuck, lost or alone in between classes! Catch up with fellow students, participate in monthly practice challenges, and get tips from me on additional resources relevant to our monthly/weekly classroom topics. From time to time I pop in the FB group to do extra live Q&A sessions!

Private Lessons: Want to work with me 1:1? Choose between 1 or 2 additional private sessions per month to jumpstart your learning or dive in even deeper! Need even more lessons? Online Classroom members are the first ones to be notified when new lesson spots open up, and can request additional lessons at discount rates.




In the basic classroom membership, you'll meet with me LIVE in weekly classes, monthly masterclasses, and get extra tips and guidance along the way in the FB group. The difference between this basic classroom membership and the other tiers are, there are no private lessons included in this package. To dive in even deeper, choose one of the tiers including either 1 or 2 monthly private lessons.

  • Weekly live classes (Attend live or watch the replay).
  • Monthly masterclass and special interest workshops (Attend live or watch the replay).
  • Access to my online classroom library with video, audio and written materials to support your learning.
  • Private Facebook group for support, motivation, helfpul resources, monthly practice challenges, and additional live Q&A's.


This membership tier is designed for those who already have experience in studying the voice, and are in the need of personal guidance from time to time. For aspiring singers, as well as experienced singers in the need of a deeper dive, I recommend the membership with 2 monthly private lessons, or more (additional cost applies).

  • Weekly live classes (Attend live or watch the replay).
  • Monthly masterclass and special interest workshops (Attend live or watch the replay).
  • Access to my onlince classroom library with video, audio and written materials to support your learning.
  • Private Facebook group for support, motivation, helfpul resources, monthly practice challenges, and additional live Q&A's.
  • 1 monthly private online lesson (45 mins.).


This membership tier is ideal for experienced singers who are looking for ongoing learning, and aspiring singers who are in the need of continuous guidance. It is also suitable for teachers and choir directors looking for personal coaching.

  • Weekly live classes (Attend live or watch the replay).
  • Monthly masterclass and special interest workshops (Attend live or watch the replay).
  • Access to my online classroom library with video, audio and written materials to support your learning.
  • Private Facebook group for support, motivation, helfpul resources, monthly practice challenges, and additional live Q&A's.
  • 2 monthly private online lessons (45 mins. each).

Need even more private lessons? Struggling or need to jumpstart the basics? Need regular guidance in preparation for an important recording, show, tour or audition? Online Classroom members can book extra lessons upon availability (extra costs apply).



"Katja is a great and enthousiastic teacher, with deep and detailed knowledge of the voice and how it works. I find her lessons inspirational and I recommend her strongly. She’s the kind of teacher that makes you sing the songs you never dared to sing and has solutions for every ‘problem’ along the way. Inspiring!"

- Margriet Sjoerdsma, Singer-Songwriter & Vocal Coach, The Netherlands

"Over the years I have followed lessons with Katja, and have been coached by her not just in vocal technique, but also in teaching, performance, planning for major artistic projects - and actually in life in general.

For me, Katja is like a barrel full of knowledge and inspiration from where I can draw whenever I feel stuck. Whether it's a voice related thing, a question about a student I teach, or organising my work better - after a lesson with Katja I always have new ideas and insights, and it always helps me to get unstuck!

Besides being a good advisor, Katja is for me an accountability partner, and above all a very smart, sweet and funny coach. And a real voice nerd! I think working with her is so great because she can really help you with a variety of things. She's got knowledge of so many things related to the voice, studies different approaches, and is open to many perspectives. In addition to that, she is reliable and really looks at the person she's working with.

I believe you can't wish for a better teacher."

- Evelien Storm, Singer, Songwriter & Voice Teacher, The Netherlands

"Katja’s teaching is very inspirational and out of the general singing teaching box. I have worked with other singing teachers, and they were all more or less delivering one style of teaching. Katja has got many ways of getting solutions to one problem, her teaching is very diverse.

After having participated in Katja’s online course, I lost fear! I guess in every singer, because your instrument is a part of yourself, there is a lot of possibility for fear. But if you work together with other people, you lose this fear, since you allow yourself to make bad sounds in front of others. It’s so relieving, it makes you so strong as a learner.

Katja’s goal exercises helped a lot, and have changed my work ethics and my work structure. To be honest – after her online course, I had a structure in my work for the very first time in my life! And that’s a great feeling."

- Tamara Pientka, Singer & Voice Teacher, Germany

"I love the course! Very good course and a very good teacher! Singing became more easy. As a teacher, it gave me A LOT OF TOOLS and very easy exercises and easy ways to explain things."

- Carole Senecal, Singer & singing teacher, Canada

"Katja always puts the student in the spotlight. It's all about YOU and how she can help you the best. She is empathetic and objective at the same time, which makes you feel very comfortable as a student."

- Floor Horninge, Singer and music teacher, The Netherlands

Your Instructor

Katja Maria Slotte
Katja Maria Slotte

Katja Maria Slotte, BMus, MMus, Authorised Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) Teacher, and voice teacher with 20 years experience, is known for her personal, "out-of-the-box" teaching style, and for achieving lasting results.

Her clients include professional singers and teachers, performers and recording artists, aspiring singers and performing arts students. Originally a native Finn, Katja teaches in The Netherlands where she currently resides, as well as internationally. Her teaching commissions include lessons and workshops for the Dutch Academy for Performing Arts, ArtEZ Conservatory, and Fontys Rock Academy. As a teacher-trainer Katja provides music education courses for Institut de formation de l’éducation nationale in Luxembourg.

Drawing from a background in music education and extended studies in vocal pedagogy, Katja is a dedicated teacher committed to providing singers, performers and teachers the highest level of training.

Information about the course prices for EU residents

The platform on which my online courses are being hosted, Teachable, will add VAT to the total course price to comply with the regulations in the EU country you are purchasing from. VAT amount depends on the EU country where you reside, and is calculated automatically. The VAT will be added when you click through to enrol in the course. If you have a VAT ID number, add it upon checkout to be exempt from paying VAT.

Methods of payment

The course website currently accepts only credit card payments. Should you need another payment option, let me know by e-mail via info [at] Payment is also possible through PayPal (you don't need to have a PayPal account), or bank transfer (for clients in The Netherlands only).

This course is closed for enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I find out the Online Classroom not for me?
I would never want you to be unhappy! In order to make sure that you like the online private lesson experience, and are ready to commit to coaching with me, please book a free online consultation call and/or intake lesson (at extra cost), or join classes in one of the introduction weeks, prior to becoming a member of my Online Classroom. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you know after working together in the Online Classroom for 1 week, that the Online Classroom is not for you, contact me and I will give you a full refund.
What if I have to cancel a private lesson?
All private lessons are to be scheduled in advance using my online scheduling site. You'll be provided with the link upon purchasing your membership & lesson package. All lessons in the lesson packs are to be used within 6 months of your enrollment in the Online Classroom. Cancellation policy for private lessons: Please mind the cancellation policy of 24hrs notice via e-mail, voicemail or text (you will be provided with a phone number upon enrollment). Please note that rescheduled lessons need to take place within the 6 months of your membership. Rescheduling a lesson is dependent on lesson availabilities. To make sure there are sufficient availabilities for a replacing lesson within the time frame of your membership, please check the lesson calendar in advance for a replacing time. Reimbursement of the lesson fee is not possible. Should a lesson have to be cancelled by Katja due to illness or a concert, you will always receive a replacing lesson.
How long do I have access to the Learning Library and the class replays
You will have access to the Learning Library and all class replays during the length of your membership.
I just want to work on the CVT techniques in my own time, can I just work with the learning library for that?
My Online Classroom is a learning environment for those who are looking for ongoing learning and development as singers, teachers and artists. Like the name says, it is not a video course to singing, but rather a structured, interactive learning environment where you will receive personal guidance along the way. It is also not a "CVT course" where you will be learning about this method only. CVT has informed my teaching greatly, and I can guide you to a deeper understanding of working with the techniques. My teaching is however not focusing on one method only, but is a synthesis of all the science-based techniques like CVT and EVT, musicianship, performance, bodywork and mindset tools that I've been studying. It's the result of my work as a singer, teacher and performer for two decades. I have come to the conclusion that methods are tools that can help us on our singing journey, but they should not become the journey. Your singing is the journey. What's more important than you learning a specific method, is that you develop a greater understanding of your own voice, solve your 'vocal obstacles', and further develop your own sound and musicianship. The ways to get there might be different from person to person. You might also greatly benefit from "translating between methods", and I can help you with this because of my keen interest in studying vocal techniques from many perspectives. The learning library in my Online Classroom is therefore also not a "CVT course", but a library of exercises, lessons on the anatomy of the voice, written materials and worksheets connecting to the weekly classes. These materials, together with the classes, will help you develop a strong understanding of your own voice. If you are looking for self-study in CVT techniques only, I warmly recommend the CVT app. We can also work together in one of the CVT workshops or courses I give on location. Online Classroom members receive a discount on CVT courses on location.
I am a total beginner. Is the Online Classroom something for me?
If you are a complete beginner with no previous experience in working with the voice, and no performance experience, the Online Classroom is unfortunately not the right match for you. Instead, I recommend you to contact me about my yearly course for beginning singers. The Online Classroom serves both professional, experienced and aspiring singers. Having previously followed formal training is not necessary, if you are a singer with performance experience. I do always encourage you to first contact me for a free consultation call. Remember that a good dose of curiosity and a strong determination is very important when learning anything new! Most of the learning actually takes place outside of class or lesson time, during your own practice. That's where the magic happens!
I am an experienced singer. Is the Online Classroom something for me?
The Online Classroom is a wonderful ongoing learning environment for experienced singers who want to brush up on techniques, get new inspiration, and be accountable for showing up for their voice every week. It's also useful for (aspiring) singing teachers looking for new inspiration and tools. There's plenty of classes to choose from, you design your own learning experience according to your own needs and current goals!
Why do I see a different price when I click "enroll"?
Information about the course prices for EU residents: The platform on which my online courses are being hosted, Teachable, will add VAT to the total course price to comply with the regulations in the EU country you are purchasing from. VAT amount depends on the EU country where you reside, and is calculated automatically.​ The VAT will be added when you click through to enrol in the course. If you have a VAT ID number, add it upon checkout to be exempt from paying VAT.
Is there another payment option available besides credit card?
The course website currently accepts only credit card payments. Should you need another payment option, contact me through email info [at] Payment is also possible through PayPal (you don’t need a PayPal account for this) or bank transfer (for clients in The Netherlands only). In case of these payment methods, I’ll manually make you an invoice, and upon payment make you a coupon that entitles you “free access” to the Online Classroom.